Or maybe it's the other way around...

February 2023

If Dating is a Numbers Game, the House Always Wins

November 2022

... but what if you're alcoholic?

October 2022

It's Been A While...Watch now (5 min) | But I thought I'd Say Hi in Person

September 2022

Normalizing Love Addiction. Or Not.

August 2022

(I Said “Bone,” not “Boner,” Beavis…)

July 2022

A Philosopher Looks at the Phenomenon of Limerence

June 2022

Why Do We Confuse Longing With Love?

March 2022

And Other Bad Musical Advice

February 2022

Love Addicts Make Perfect Victims for Romance Scammers

January 2022

Or Is It?
(But James Franco Might Be Okay)